Nine of Swords – Cruelty

THE NINE OF SWORDS – Cruelty – Saturn – Moon – Concern
Astrology: Mars in the 2nd decan of Gemini

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Nine of Swords – Cruelty

The Nine of Swords are reflection and imagination, and while all other Suits made themselves comfortable in blessing happiness, the Swords seem to be the outcast, called ‘Cruelty’.

With the airy nature of the mind, the Swords cannot rest, they cannot stop thinking and analyzing and in the end, cannot ignore the fact that nothing really leads anywhere, that in the end there is nothing.

It is a bit unfair to call the Nine of Swords a bad card, or criticize it for cruelty or ‘over-analyzing’.  After all, we cannot expect the suit of the mind to tell us that we’re better off with our heads in the sand, just to not see the cruel truth that is out there.

The Lord of Cruelty highlights dark influences in our lives, within or beyond us, that will do us no good at all. Here we see the smallest emotions of our race at work, creating damage and harm.

It warns us that somewhere nearby there is danger lurking, waiting to cause disruption and sorrow. So we need to act very fast and decisively in order to nip trouble in the bud.

Often, this card will be a comment on your own treatment of yourself – if you denigrate yourself and beat yourself up, you are facing the worst enemy of your entire life – you know your every weak spot, your every Achilles heel. You know just exactly what hurts you most, you have no defense against yourself, and you cannot walk away.

So when this card assumes importance in your life, you must examine yourself first and foremost. Are you treating yourself badly? Are you giving yourself a hard time? Are you chipping away at yourself relentlessly? If you discover you are, it’s time to stop. Hurting yourself about things within that you feel unhappy about is as pointless as trying to carry water in a leaky bucket and you cannot adjust what you see to be wrong, because you are too busy standing in judgement upon yourself to gain any form of perspective or objectivity. And without these two useful analytical tools, you won’t understand what you need to do to feel better, neither will you have the motivation or self-love to follow through.  So treat yourself with respect and tenderness whilst attempting to change what you do not like. Give yourself plenty of encouragement and praise for each small step you make. Don’t be cruel.

Drive: Going into the depths of a subject, with all consequences

Light: Facing up facts, realizing truth

Shadow: Cruelty, pain, despair, lack of pity

Keywords: Mars in Gemini, cruelty towards yourself and others, self-accusation, self-punishment, self-torture, heartless passion, bigotry, revenge, martyrdom

Advice: This page indicates your tendency to cruelly trample yourself. You need to recognize and fully see this pattern of behavior before you can get rid of it.

Questions: Who has judged you before? How do you judge yourself now? Are you ready to forgive your parents, others and yourself?

Suggestion: Pull another tab to see what your life will be like when you accept yourself as you are!

Revelation: People love me, I’m just a martyr.


Affirmation: Love dissolves cruelty and fills the world with beauty.