Nine of Disks – Gain

THE NINE OF DISKS – (Nine of Coins / Pentacles) – Profit – Jupiter / Venus 5th House – Growth
Astrology: Venus in the 2nd decan of Virgo

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Nine of Disks – Gain

You have worked hard to create abundance in your life, and the Nine of Disks says now you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thanks to your independent efforts, self-confidence and discipline, you attained a well-deserved success and created a stable foundation for your material wealth and comfort.

On the darker side, the Nine of Disks can get so self-satisfied with material gain and success, that they forget about anything else.

That phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ is very relevant to this card. The Lord of Gain is a card that indicates that we have set in motion some plan or project, and we are now reaching a point of completion with it.

So on the day ruled by the 9 of Disks, we need to be open to opportunities which allow us to conclude work that has been outstanding; remain alert to new chances opening up before us; and ready to seize the moment when it appears.

This card accords with the ancient wisdom that we give what we get in life, so this is also a day to look for opportunities to offer our help and resources with no immediate expectation of return.

Take up chances to serve, whether in a mundane fashion, or to a higher source, in the sure knowledge that the things you give with love are the ones which build a bright new world.

When Nine of Disks appears in a Tarot reading, do not be scared to splurge, indulge or pamper yourself, especially as a reward for all of your hard work. Treat yourself to a special occasion or a personal gift to celebrate your journey here. You have already achieved so much, and while you may not be at the finish line just yet, this is your opportunity to acknowledge your achievements and re-energize yourself for the final phase.

Drive: Wealth, well-being, self-sufficiency

Light: Material happiness, gain, riches, abundance, luxury, financial independence

The Nine of Pentacles conveys not only joy, but also the feeling of security and freedom that material wealth can bring.

Shadow: Greed for more, materialistic thinking, dissipation, abuse, exploitation

Reversed: The reversed Nine of Pentacles is all about self-worth. When you see this card in a Tarot reading, take the opportunity to reflect on your own sense of self-worth and value.

Keywords: Venus in Virgo, Growth, Growth, Profit, Cuff of Love, Wisdom, Creativity, The More I Give The More I Get, rewarded efforts, success, achievement, independence, leisure, material security, self-sufficiency

Advice: If your knowledge and creativity is filled with love, you will gain something from every situation. The deeper you delve, the more comprehensive your insights will be.

Question: Do you know what your highest goal is?

Suggestion: Carefully review whether what you call profit is completely in line with your ultimate goal.

Revelation: Everything that happens today serves my growth. The more I give, the more I get.


Affirmation: I open myself to life's bounty with gratitude