Knight of Disks

THE KING OF DISKS – (Knight of Coins / Pentacles) – Sun – Bull – Sensual Pleasures
Astrology: 21° Leo to 20° Virgo
Element: Earth

About :

Knight of Disks

The Knight of Disks represents the Fire in the element of Earth, and with Earth suppressing Fire, the materialism is the dominant aspect in this card, showing the Knight as a complex person of amazing strength, representing Earth in its function as provider of life.

The Knight of Disks is industrious and patient, steady and reliable, clever in material matters.  He is the one working without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mind games or high flying ideas. With more Earth than Fire and lacking the qualities of Air, the King of Disks is more dedicated to making but to thinking, his success results from instinct and pragmatism rather than from intellect or knowledge.

Further, the King of Disks lacks the emotional depth of Water, therefore he can have difficulties to understand or relate to others, he can be self-centered and sullen, intolerant and unable to put any interest in anything outside his own deeds and doings.

When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are working methodically towards your goals. You have a plan in place and are sticking to your schedule to get the job done. You may not work particularly quickly, but you are consistent, dedicated and committed to your goal. Put one foot in front of the other and finish the job. This card also asks you to continue doing what you are doing, plodding along and making gradual progress. No need to change your approach. Go with the flow, stick to your usual routines, and over time, you will reach your goals.

At the darkest side, the Knight of Disks can turn stubborn and even stupid, clumsy and jealous on anyone that seems higher than himself, arousing over tidbits and butting in everything, yet cowardice and unwilling to change himself.

In divination the Knight of Disks often represents a person having influence over your financial situation, like your boss or your bank manager. At his deepest level this Knight is about material and physical resources, and how we handle them. He has a lot to teach us about good management and attention to detail.

So on a day which he rules, spend a little time going over your finances, and your overall material position. Look at all the stuff you’ve had in that box at the back of the cupboard for all this time. Go through your insurance policies, and other important financial documents.

At the very least, you’ll know where they all are next time you need them. You could also discover a shortfall or something you’ve overlooked. And, at best, you could stumble across something important and rewarding.

If all your paperwork is already in order, then spend some time assessing the ways in which you spend your money, and decide whether it’s going the way you want it to. Often you’ll get a fresh perspective on something that you had taken for granted before.

Drive: Strife for material success and wealth

Light: Clever in material matters, patient, industrious, reliable, strong and enduring

Shadow: Stubbornness, dullness, jealousy, grasping, stagnant

Reversed: Points to a journey of self-development or improvement, in which a routine will support your success. For example, you may create a healthy eating plan or exercise schedule for yourself to help you become more fit and healthy. You may also need to pay more attention to the practical matters in your life that you have ignored recently. Mundane activities such as home upkeep, money matters, business relationships and moving forward in your career have been left by the wayside as you focus on more exciting or important opportunities.

Keywords: fiery aspect of the earth, doctor, healer, financial investment, harvest, work and fatigue

Advice: It’s time to put your ability to work at the service of something. There are difficult tasks ahead of you that require you to use all your strength. If you make the necessary efforts, the harvest will reward you richly.

Question: Are there any tasks in my life that I want to avoid?

Suggestion: Whenever things seem too worrying to you, focus on the positive results of your actions for you and others. Your inner learning and growth process is the most important result, more important than what you do with your work.

Revelation: With every task I encounter, I also get the energy I need to solve it.


Affirmation: Effort brings reward