The Empress

The Empress embodies the inexhaustible power of nature that always gives new life.
Ruling Planet: Venus
Tree of life: The axis between Chokmah and Binah
Element: Earth
Number: 3 as the combination of the contrasts to a unity (synthesis, harmony)

About :

III – The Empress

The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype.  She stands for maternity, love and mercy; at the same time she’s a symbol for sexuality and emotion.  She is pure feeling, absolutely unintellectual, but basically life. The Empress is the Great Mother, representing the beginning of all life.  She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans.

The Empress also stands for passion, a phase in which we cope life on an emotional and joyful basis, rather than on the thoughtful.  This could mean great satisfaction, but in a improper context, when actually more analysis is needed.  The Empress can also stand for a reflective, emotional attitude, refusing to accept reality.  It also could stand for a person who is greedy for joy and abundance when actually just more self-control is needed.

The Empress also signifies abundance. You are surrounded by life’s pleasures and luxuries and have everything you need to live a comfortable lifestyle. You are in a period of growth, in which all you have dreamed of is now coming to fruition. When The Empress appears in your Tarot readings, take a moment to reflect on the bounty that surrounds you and offer gratitude for all you have created so you can continue to build on this energy and create even more abundance in your life.

Drive: Devotion and maternity, Mother Nature, creating something new in connection of both inside and outside

Light: Maternity, love, trust, fluffiness, the joy of great abundance

Shadow: Greed, envy, jealousy, laziness

Reversed: Reversed, The Empress encourages you to make self-love and self-care a priority. Now is the time to bring your loving energy and focus to yourself, especially if you have been giving away your personal power by placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting your own.

Keywords: Venus, beauty, love, motherhood, femininity, wisdom, the relationship of spirit and matter, inner and outer riches

Advice: The beauty that you see in others and that attracts them is the kind of beauty that you carry within yourself. You are on your way to exploring and developing your femininity. This may be the right moment to analyze and resolve unresolved mother conflicts.

Question: Is there a beautiful, strong woman in your life who you want to learn from?

Suggestion: Imagine the ideal woman for you. Describe your ideal properties. Try to find these qualities in others and in yourself. Surround yourself with beauty and abundance.

Revelation: I am filled with power and beauty.


Affirmation: Love and beauty flow through my life in a limitless stream