THE FIVE OF WANDS – FIGHT – Mars 5th House – Race
Astrology: Saturn in the 1. decan of Leo

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Five of Wands – Strife

Like all Fives, the Five of Wands stands for motion, changing and the powers of destruction.  5 is the number that breaks the stability and structure of the Four.

Fire isn’t meant for settling and resting, and the flames burn high to break out of their own realm of the Four.  This means revolutionary movements and aggressive renewals, and sometimes this isn’t the most pleasant way to go. Especially not when we felt good and comfortable in the secure structure of the Four.

In the shadowy aspect, the violent disruption of the struggling flames can mean that we’re just aggressive and restless, making trouble for no better reason than being bored.

A day ruled by the Lord of Strife is bound to have its inherent problems. This card brings restriction, limitation, frustration and annoyance with it.  Often these problems will be experienced in the workplace, and they sometimes indicate that we feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that we need to get through.

Expect this day to be one in which even minor things create their own difficulties and obstacles. First and foremost, we all need to take our senses of humor to work with us!! It’s probably also useful to regard a 5 of Wands day as a ‘bad attitude’ day. That could as easily be our own as anyone else’s, as well!

With the Five of Wands, everyone is fighting to be heard. But guess what? No one is listening. When everybody has a different opinion, but no-one is stopping to hear each other out, conflict and misunderstandings will run rampant.

So, having wrapped yourself up in your sense of humor, study the workload in front of you, and leave all the things you know will drive you mad till the atmosphere is better. Try to pick out tasks that you will enjoy.  That way if they frustrate you, at least you’ll enjoy the bits before and afterwards!

Assess your own attitude carefully and try to dispel any nagging negativity. Isolate anything that looks like it is an inner conflict brewing, and write it down to address soon (they all tend to come to the surface on this day).

Drive: Challenge, the will to break out, contest, struggle, conflict, rashness

Light: Refreshment, renewal, boldness

Shadow: Struggle, conflict, destruction, spiritual crisis, prodigality, trickery

Reversed: The Five of Wands reversed can suggest that you have the tendency to avoid conflict wherever feasible. You may find that any tension makes you feel uneasy, and you wish it would just go away. 

Keywords: Saturn in the Lion, unfulfilled desire, desperate, timid, futile struggle, inhibition

Advice: In this situation, there is a great danger of giving up on yourself. Saturn reminds you to approach everything carefully, step by step. Don’t let them run you down. Always look at the flame behind the stick, which is enough despite the obstacles. That you draw this card is a sign that you are ready to face the situation and do something about it.

Questions: What are the insurmountable obstacles that seem to exist between you and your goals? What does the mountain of tasks and responsibilities look like now?

Suggestion: Step by step! Buy everything a little easier! Draw another card on top of this one!

Revelation: As I work, I am increasingly my ability to express my feelings and creativity.


Affirmation: I meet conflict and obstacles with equanimity.