Eight of Disks – Prudence

THE EIGHT OF DISKS – (Eight of Coins / Pentacles) – Prudence – Mercury 3rd House – Learning
Astrology: Sun in the 1st decan of Virgo

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Eight of Disks – Prudence

The Eight of Disks, the entering a new beginning. The Disks have learned the lesson that Saturn has taught in the disastrously Seven, that everything needs time and consideration.  Now, the area of logic, the Eight of Disks develop prudence and patience.

The Eight of Disks have learned to be careful, take their time to overthink their steps, considerate all facts and patiently wait for their chances. Trying to do it better and avoid the mistakes from earlier stages.

When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are working hard to improve your skills and become a master at what you do. You may have recently changed your work, education or financial circumstances, and now you are applying your sheer determination and concentration to master the new skill that you are learning. You are diligent and hard working and you are applying yourself fully to whatever is at the center of your attention. As you do the same task over and over, you work your way towards mastery of your craft, and through your perseverance and unwavering attention, you create success.

On the dark side, the Eight of Disks can be over-careful, or careful just in small things while foolish in the big, over-anxious in front of risks, unable to come to any conclusion or decision, considering with no end but finally doing nothing.

The Lord of Prudence is a generous card in many respects and it covers periods of development and learning.

It’s a strong card for inner development, promising expansion and exciting growth. But it does clearly warn that we need to pay special attention to what is going on around us, to rest and take care of ourselves, to ensure that we remain alert for important opportunities.

The 8 of Disks tells us the mysteries of proper management of energy, this is energy of all types of love, money, knowledge, health. It describes for us the art of putting in what we need in order to get out what we desire and balance and harmony both being watchwords.

On a day ruled by the Lord of Prudence, we need to enjoy our lives, and to enrich them in as many ways as possible. We need to be thoughtful about how we expend energy, making every single move count. We also need to be aware of what is coming back to us from other people.

Drive: Consideration, prudence, skill development

Light: Realization of coherences, ability to wait for the right moment, Apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery

Shadow: Penny-wise and pound-foolish, hoarding, stagnate, immovableness, perfectionism, misdirected activity

Reversed: May indicate that you are focused on creating perfection, but to your detriment. When you focus on every tiny detail, you lose sight of the bigger picture and why you’re doing the task in the first place. Similarly, your need for perfection may be getting in the way of your ability to adapt and change. You may like to have things done in a certain way, but what if the circumstances change? Can you adapt, or does it throw you into a tailspin? Know that perfection is a myth and surrender to the art of imperfection.

Keywords: Sun in Virgo, inner and outer riches, wisdom, development, care, caution

Advice: It is the beauty and delicacy of what blooms within you. Give him the protection and nutrition he needs. You must not force anything! Everything will unfold when the time comes.

Questions: Do you give yourself the protection and nutrition you need to grow now?

Suggestion: Meditate on the well-known phrase of the Zen tradition: “If you sit in silence and do nothing, spring and grass will come spontaneously.”

Revelation: I relax and trust in Life.


Affirmation: I relax and depend upon life.