The Art is the symbol for the right mixture, the perfect balance, standing for harmony, beauty and peace
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Number: 14 as two times the 7, adjustment of destiny

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XIV – The Art (Alchemy)

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Drive:  Dissolve and combine

Light: Balance and harmony, fulfillment, creation, peace

Shadow: Getting into extremes, splitting up and tearing apart

Keywords: Sagittarius, reconciliation of contradictions, balance, inner change, transformation, alchemy, creative power, quality change

Advice: The Art Card is a challenge to look inside, inviting you to turn inward. At this stage of the unification of opposites, the transformation process does not tolerate any new impulse or impetus from the outside. In order to find the hidden stone, the diamond, you have to look inside.

Question: What kind of contradictions do you want to reconcile in yourself or in your life now?

Suggestion: Close your eyes and imagine a source of energy in your body, a fountain. Take a little bath at this rejuvenating price.

Revelation: I surrender myself to the transforming forces of love. I’m an open channel for creative energy.



Affirmation: My life shapes itself in a perfect pattern around me.