The Hierophant

The Hierophant (High Priest) embodies the deep confidence in the world of faith and religious certainty.
Zodiac: Taurus
Element: Earth
Number: 5 as quintessence, the power that exceeds the four elements

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V – The Hierophant

Card Page

Drive: Search for hidden truths, trust in inner instincts

Light: Wisdom and knowledge as an experience independent from dogmatism and science

Shadow: Intolerance, esoteric nonsense

Keywords: Taurus, Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Counselor, Initiate, Inner Leader, Supreme Transformation, Spiritual Father

Advice: Finding yourself leads you to spiritual realms. This page may indicate a meeting with a spiritual master. Be open to meeting him!

Question: Is there a wise teacher (past or present) who you feel attracted to?

Suggestion: Immerse yourself in the teachings of spiritual teachers. Look for the presence of a teacher or teacher. Join groups for your personal growth. Be honest, open, and ready to embrace these groups. Listen to your heart’s instructions.

Revelation: There is only one voice I need to listen to and it is the voice of my own heart.


Affirmation: I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe.