Three of Swords – Sorrow

THE THREE OF SWORDS – Sorrow – Mars – Moon – Consistency
Astrology: Saturn in the 2nd decan of Libra

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Three of Swords – Sorrow

Full Card

Drive: Melancholy, facing up a painful truth

Light: Understanding, sobering, losing beautiful but false illusions

Shadow: Disappointment, pain, sadness, separation, sorrows

Keywords: Saturn in Libra, annoyances, doubts, lack of light, lethargy, jealousy, depression, tripartite obsession, troubles, uncertainty, anxiety

Advice: This page prompts you to make clear, unambiguous decisions. This is the only way to rebalance the balance (equiibrium).

Question: What are some decisions you find difficult or difficult to make?

Suggestion: Use the Tarot to reveal what your decisions are. Drag another tab that will show what awaits you when facing your problems.

Revelation: Every problem has its own solution.


Affirmation: I trust myself to feel my own pain