THE TEN OF WANDS – Oppression (Depression) – Saturn – Sun; Saturn 11th House – Burden

Astrology: Saturn in the 3. decan of Sagittarius

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Ten of Wands – Oppression

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Drive: Cruel and overbearing force, thirst for might

Light: The chance to think about it, learning

Shadow: Cruelty, excessive pressure, selfish and material ends, dogmatism, aggression

Keywords: Saturn in Sagittarius, suppressed emotions, withheld energy, isolation, aggression, separation

Advice: You suppress your energies, you want to express, live, enjoy and celebrate many things. Dare to express the fire that flies in you!

Questions: There are some things you always wanted to tell certain people. What are these things and who are these people? Since this moment is just right for you, you can now express these things.

Suggestion: Drag another tab to this question! What will my life be like if I’m ready to liberate myself?

Revelation: I have the right to follow my feelings and pulses of life.


Affirmation: I release all repression so my Will flows freely.