Ten of Swords – Ruin

THE TENTH OF SWORDS – Failure – Mars – Saturn – Violent End
Astrology: Sun in the 3rd decan of Gemini

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Ten of Swords – Ruin

Full Card

Drive: Transformation

Light: Rebirth, realization, the end of a cycle, wisdom through pain and loss

Shadow: Ruin, loss, destruction, separation, pain, catastrophe

Keywords: Sun and Moon in Gemini, fear of insanity, broken heart, fear of the destructive energy of accumulated anger, negative thinking

Advice: The first step is to realize your fear of insanity and collapse. The second step is to understand the negative energies that lie behind your fears. If you want them, you can overcome these fears by recognizing them.

Questions: What are your biggest fears? What would a total collapse of your life be like?

Suggestion: Once you have identified the areas of your fear, formulate your own specific statement and use only positive concepts to help yourself “reprogram” yourself.

Revelation: Negative thinking hinders the natural momentum of my life. When I turn to myself with love, I open up again to life.


Affirmation: In this moment I create my future.