Ten of Disks – Wealth

THE TEN OF DISKS – (Ten of Coins / Pentacles) – Wealth – Jupiter 2nd House – Riches
Astrology: Mercury in the 3rd decan of Virgo

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Ten of Disks – Wealth

Full Card

Drive: Wealth, security

Light: Completion of success, material security, well-being

Shadow: Greed, laziness, poverty of feelings, dullness of mind

Keywords: Mercury in Virgo, inner and outer riches, visibility of inner wealth and ability to share it with others

Advice: You have attracted everyone who is part of your life to you. You have created every situation in your life and you have created your own reality. The riches you hold in your hands when you do what you want with it. The responsibility is yours and you are infinitely rich.

Questions: Do you know about your inner wealth? Are you generously sharing with others?

Suggestion: Write down on a piece of paper all the qualities that make up your inner wealth.

Revelation: I am rich internally and externally and free, I surrender myself, I enjoy everything.


Affirmation: I am endlessly wealthy.