Queen of Disks

THE QUEEN OF DISKS – (Queen of Coins / Pentacles) – Moon – Bull – Fertility
Astrology: 21° Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn
Element: The Water in the Earth 

About :

Queen of Disks

Full Card

Drive: Fertility, womanliness, security for family, home and materials

Light: Kind, charming, great-hearted, truthful, stable, sensual

Shadow: Moody, foolish, undecided, weak, dependent

Keywords: water aspect of the earth, fertility, nutrition, overcoming the bleak, barren past, physicality

Advice: You have crossed a dry stretch of road and are now entering a more fertile area. Now you can relax and pay some attention to yourself and your physical needs.

Questions: How did you neglect your body and your other self? Are you pampering yourself? Do you enjoy yourself?

Suggestion: Pay more attention to your health and physical beauty than ever before.

Revelation: I give my body the loving attention and my body gives me life energy, joy of life and health.


Affirmation: My heart's haven surrounds me always