Prince of Wands

THE KNIGHT OF WANDS – (Prince of Wands) – Mars – Aries – Business
Astrology: 21° Cancer to 20° Leo
Element: The Air in the Fires

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Prince of Wands

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Drive: Activity, energy, impulsiveness

Light: Energy, creativity, passion, swift, strong, rather violent

Shadow: Restlessness, impatience, destructive powers, cruel, intolerant, prejudiced

Keywords: airy aspect of fire, intensity, flourishing love, intuitive creativity, from darkness to light

Advice: You’ve got everything you need! Don’t hold back and keep yourself restrained! Don’t let yourself slow down! Life is ready for your bet. Trust your unlimited creative potential!

Question: What challenges are you facing right now?

Suggestion: Open your arms and breathe deeply into your heart.

Revelation: I love life and life loves me.


Affirmation: My life has no limits. It is filled with boundless energy.