Princess of Cups

THE PAGE OF CUPS – (Knave / Princess of Chalices) – Venus 1st / 5th House – Peace
Astrology: Venus in the water signs

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Princess of Cups

Full Card

Drive: The exploring of the inner worlds

Light: Intuition, sensibility, tenderness, fantasy, dreamy imagination

Shadow: Faking, abuse of feelings, selfish, luxurious, deviation, a flatterer

Keywords: earthly aspect of water, emotional freedom, overcoming jealousy, self-confidence

Advice: Trust your feelings and values, you are on the right track.

Questions: Is there anything else that prevents you from being completely free? Now is the time to go beyond that.

Suggestion: Imagine being surrounded by water and dancing the salvation and freedom with light, floating movements.

Revelation: The more I love myself, the more I can share with others.


Affirmation: Glory and grace manifest throughout my life.