Nine of Cups – Happiness

THE NINE OF CUPS – Happiness – Moon – Taurus – Company
Astrology: Jupiter in the 2nd decan of Pisces

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Nine of Cups – Happiness

Full Card

Drive: Love, optimism, trust

Light: Luck, compassion

Shadow: Self-complacency, self-indulgence, vanity

Keywords: Jupiter in Pisces, happiness, passionate love, deep joy, blessing

Advice: This moment is filled with harmony and inner happiness, fully open before it! Don’t miss it!

Question: Where do you look for true happiness and where do you find it?

Suggestion: Breathe and Feel! If you are alone, enjoy the solitude. When you are with others, enjoy their presence. If you have something to do, do it with quiet devotion.

Revelation: Happiness is my natural state.


Affirmation: Life fills me with wonder and light