The Emperor

The Emperor symbolizes the structural element, stability, desire for security and continuity.
Zodiac: Aries
Tree of life: The axis Netzach – Yesod
Element: Fire
Number: 4 as physical reality, basic structure, orientation

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IV – The Emperor

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Drive: Mastery of the will over nature, a sense for law and order, plan and structure

Light: Creation, recognition, stability, realism, responsiveness

Shadow: Despotism, complacency, poorness of feelings, lack of fantasy; rationalism as a prison

Keywords: Aries, Pioneering, Discovery, Leadership, Initiative, Creative Wisdom, Outstanding Leadership, Call to Action, Boldness, New Beginnings, Paternity, Authority, Tenderness, Desire for Adventure

Advice: This is the right moment for a change or a new beginning. Trust your own energy and move along with it.

Questions: What kind of revitalization do you need for your life? Are there any steps you want to climb upwards?

Suggestion: Examine yourself critically, especially regarding your relationship with your superiors and subordinates.

Revelation: I trust in my power, I serve, I serve.


Affirmation: I trust and depend upon my own power.