Ace of Swords

THE ACE OF SWORDS – Mercury – Mars / Mercury – Jupiter – Decisiveness
Astrology: The signs of the Air

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Ace of Swords

Full Card

Drive: Invoked powers. whirling force of mind, realisation, logic

Light: Realization, clearness, objectivity, intellectual aspiration

Shadow: Intellectual debacle, coldness, cruelty through logic, intellectual dissatisfaction

Keywords: spiritual purity, original thinking, brilliant thinking ability, divine inspiration, spiritual purity

Advice: Your current illumination is a great opportunity for your business. You will be able to recognize certain facts and name things that others would rather sweep under the rug. This is a great responsibility on your part. Be sure you do not heartily express your good insights. But when you are in full contact with Love, use your sword, do not spare yourself or others.

Question: What supports and blocks your lightness?

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: “The truth you say has no past or future. It’s just there and that’s all you need to have it. “

Revelation: I trust my pure senses.


Affirmation: I see clearly to the far horizon.