Ace of Cups

THE ACE OF CUPS – Neptune / Jupiter – Sun – Fulfillment
With the Ace of Cups, Divine love and compassion are pouring through you.
Element: Water (the spring of soul)
Astrology: Signs of water

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Ace of Cups

Full Card

Drive: The desire to melt in one another, sympathy, devotion, the beginning of a friendship or passion

Light: Emotional capacity, fertility, productiveness

Shadow: Alteration, diffusion, irrational thinking, hysteria, loneliness

Keywords: exuberant love, emotional purity, deep self-love, true devotion and acceptance

Advice: In touch or with all-embracing love. It fills you up, and you can pass it generously, generously.

Question: How do you express your love?

Suggestion: Let the page affect you for a while. Reread the last two paragraphs of the description and close your eyes. You feel that you are open to the channel or divine energy.

Revelation: Comprehensive love fills me and my environment.


Affirmation: All encompassing love fills me and my environment.